Cabeza Del Plomo

We kept seeing tourist brochures around Puerto del Mazarron that mentioned the Neolithic village in the hills above the port, but no one could tell us how to get there. Eventually we learned of a tour of local attractions one evening and decided it would be the only way we would find the place. The tour was entirely in Spanish so I had no chance of understanding anything, but my wife has a fair understanding and translated the bits I wanted to know.

fig. 1 : The signs are in English and Spanish

After a long walk around several sites in the port - mainly Roman remains - we set off in our cars to Cabezo del Plomo - the Lead Settlement (or similar). Luckily for me the very good signs around the site are in English and Spanish (see fig. 1).

fig. 2 : The original entrance

It was extremely easy to get to after all, but isn't signposted until you are at the foot of the track that leads up to the car park area. From here there is a steep path leading to the top of the small promontory upon which the settlement sits. The original entrance to the site can still be found on the opposite side of the plateau to where the path brings you up from the car park (see fig. 2). The view from the top looks over an area that was once a river delta, but is now silted up and reclaimed.

fig. 3 : Defensive Wall

As you enter the remains the first bit of structure you encounter is the old defensive wall that ran across the rear of the settlement (see fig. 3). It is now just .5m high, but along its length you can see the bases of mere probably little towers - quite a sophistcated design for a 5000 year old village!

fig. 4 : Omega hut

Within the area encircled by this wall there are the foundations of many huts of different sizes. The smaller of these are really interesting being of an 'omega' plan (see fig. 4). An artist's interpretation on one of the notice boards suggests that these were just foundations and that the upper part of the huts was walled with wattle and daub, and had thatched roofs.

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