Visits For December, 2006

Sunday, 24th December 2006

The Return of The Stick - and Some Sun

Having been too busy to go out for most of December I couldn't wait for the Xmas holidays to start. I still don't have a lot of time, but my intention is to tidy up some loose ends. My first trip was into Wicklow. As I drove around the top of the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains and headed for Brittas and beyond I couldn't believe how much the temperature dropped - from 6 degrees at home to -5 in Brittas!!

I couldn't resist stopping at The Piper's Stones (County Wicklow) and Castleruddery Lower (County Wicklow) on the way to my final destination. Athgreany was still in the shadow of Church Mountain, but Castleruddery was in glorious ruddy mid-winter sunshine. The ground at both was frost covered.

The main prupose of this trip was to see the only (known) bullaun stone that I had yet to see in the Glen of Imaal.

The Piper's Stones - Athgreany (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle3 New Images
Castleruddery Lower (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle2 New Images
Leitrim (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
Leitrim (Co. Wicklow)Standing Stone2 New Images

Thursday, 28th December 2006

There is Stuff in Kildare!

The midland counties are a bit short of monuments, so I was delighted to read an old account of a possible passage tomb. I felt that there was a bit of karma involved here, because on Tuesday I set out to visit Brewel Hill stone circle and left the OS map at home. Instead of picking up the map and heading back out I decided to postpone the visit and catch up on some reading, which is when I came across the entry about Killeen Cormac.

As well as visiting Killeen Cormac I made it to Brewel Hill and revisited Mullamast Long Stone (County Kildare) and a few new ones in the area.

Tornant Lower (Co. Wicklow)Ring Fort2 New Images
Tornant Upper (Co. Wicklow)Passage Tomb2 New Images
Killeen Cormac - Killeencormac (Co. Kildare)Passage Tomb8 New Images
The Piper's Stones - Brewel Hill (Co. Kildare)Stone Circle7 New Images
Mullamast Long Stone (Co. Kildare)Standing Stone3 New Images
Mullamast (Co. Kildare)Barrow1 New Image
Mullamast (Co. Kildare)Ring Fort2 New Images
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