Visits For April, 2002

Monday, 1st April 2002

Fassaroe (Co. Wicklow)CrossAwaiting New Images
Rathmichael (Co. Dublin)CrossAwaiting New Images

Saturday, 6th April 2002

Drumlane - Drumlane Abbey (Co. Cavan)Round Tower2 New Images
Burren SW (Co. Cavan)Portal Tomb2 New Images
Killinagh - Termon (Co. Cavan)ChurchAwaiting New Images
St Brigit's Stone - Termon or Killinagh (Co. Cavan)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
Tullyskeherny (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb6 New Images
Tawnymanus (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb2 New Images
Larkfield (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb2 New Images
Creevykeel (Co. Sligo)Court Tomb5 New Images
Wardhouse (Co. Leitrim)Wedge Tomb2 New Images
Wardhouse (Co. Leitrim)Portal Tomb1 New Image
Wardhouse (Co. Leitrim)Wedge Tomb3 New Images
Wardhouse (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb1 New Image
Magheracar (Co. Donegal)Passage Tomb3 New Images
Magheracar (Co. Donegal)Wedge Tomb1 New Image
Ballymunterhiggin (Co. Donegal)Court Tomb7 New Images

Sunday, 7th April 2002

Aghanlish (Co. Leitrim)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Aghanlish (Co. Leitrim)Portal Tomb2 New Images
Shesknan (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb5 New Images
Shesknan (Co. Leitrim)Wedge Tomb1 New Image
Gorteendarragh (Co. Leitrim)Wedge Tomb3 New Images
Aghaderrard (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb4 New Images
Aghaderrard East (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb1 New Image
Aghaderrard East (Co. Leitrim)Rock Art3 New Images
Rossinver (Co. Leitrim)Church1 New Image
Rossinver (Co. Leitrim)Grave or Cross Slab2 New Images
Corracloona (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb5 New Images
Loughscur (Co. Leitrim)Portal Tomb4 New Images
Fenagh Beg (Co. Leitrim)Portal Tomb3 New Images
Cleenrah or Cleenrath - Aghnacliff (Co. Longford)Portal Tomb3 New Images
Aghnacliff (Co. Longford)Portal Tomb4 New Images
Rathmore (Co. Westmeath)Church5 New Images

Thursday, 11th April 2002

The Druids' Judgement Seat - Killiney (Co. Dublin)Portal Tomb1 New Image
Ballybrack (Co. Dublin)Portal Tomb1 New Image
Tully Church - Laughlanstown (Co. Dublin)ChurchAwaiting New Images
Laughlanstown (Co. Dublin)High CrossAwaiting New Images
Glendruid - Brennanstown (Co. Dublin)Portal Tomb4 New Images
Kiltiernan Domain (Co. Dublin)Portal TombAwaiting New Images
Glencullen - Near Johnny Fox's Pub (Co. Dublin)Standing StoneAwaiting New Images
Ballyedmonduff (Co. Dublin)Wedge TombAwaiting New Images
Kilmashogue - Kilmashogue Hill (Co. Dublin)Wedge Tomb1 New Image
Rockbrook - Rockbrook Village (Co. Dublin)Stone PairAwaiting New Images
Larch Hill - Larch Hill Scout Camp (Co. Dublin)Portal Tomb2 New Images
Brehon's Chair - Taylorsgrange (Co. Dublin)Portal TombAwaiting New Images

Friday, 12th April 2002

Knowth (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb5 New Images
Newgrange (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb3 New Images
Dowth (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Fourknocks (Co. Meath)Passage TombAwaiting New Images
Hill Of Tara (Co. Meath)Hill Fort1 New Image

Saturday, 13th April 2002

Mullagh (Co. Meath)Rath3 New Images
Mullagh (Co. Meath)Standing Stone3 New Images
Loughcrew - Corstown - Loughcrew (Carnbane East) (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb Cemetery6 New Images
Loughcrew - Newtown - Loughcrew (Carnbane West) (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb Cemetery7 New Images

Sunday, 14th April 2002

The Piper's Stones - Athgreany (Co. Wicklow)Stone CircleAwaiting New Images
Castleruddery Lower (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle2 New Images
Boleycarrigeen (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle2 New Images
Haroldstown - Nr Haroldstown Waste Center (Co. Carlow)Portal Tomb3 New Images
Ardristan (Co. Carlow)Standing Stone2 New Images
Cloch An Phoill - Aghade (Co. Carlow)Standing StoneAwaiting New Images
Browne's Hill - Kernanstown (Co. Carlow)Portal Tomb1 New Image
Slatt Lower (Co. Laois)Stone Circle3 New Images
Slatt Lower (Co. Laois)Standing Stone1 New Image
Manger (Co. Laois)Kist4 New Images
Castledermot (Co. Kildare)Round Tower8 New Images
Moone (Co. Kildare)High CrossAwaiting New Images

Friday, 12th April 2002

Knowth - Rock Art (Co. Meath)Rock Art12 New Images

Sunday, 14th April 2002

Rath Gael (Co. Wicklow)Stone Fort1 New Image

Sunday, 21st April 2002

Kill Of The Grange (Co. Dublin)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
Kiltuck - St. Anne's Church Shankhill (Co. Dublin)Cross4 New Images
Kilmurry (Co. Wicklow)Standing Stone3 New Images
Ballyremon Commons (Co. Wicklow)Barrow4 New Images
Parknasilog (Co. Wicklow)Kist3 New Images
Glaskenny (Co. Wicklow)Rock Outcrop2 New Images
Onagh (Co. Wicklow)Rock Art5 New Images
Ballybetagh (Co. Dublin)Cairn1 New Image

Sunday, 28th April 2002

Grange Lios - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Stone Circle8 New Images
Lough Gur - Circle C - Loughgur (Co. Limerick)Stone Circle3 New Images
The Pillar Stone - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Standing Stone6 New Images
The Stone Of The Tree - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Standing Stone3 New Images
Grange - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Wedge Tomb3 New Images
Loughgur - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Wedge Tomb5 New Images
Bolin Island - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Crannog1 New Image
The Spectacles - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Hut Circle1 New Image
Loughgur - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Standing Stone2 New Images
Lisbunny (Co. Tipperary)Standing Stone4 New Images
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