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Thursday, 31st December 2009

One Last Trip For 2009

So, 2009 is drawing to a close and 2010 is just a day away. I will be heading out in the New Year - I usually try to get out on New Year's Day itself - to see some new sites. This will be the start of my attempt to reach as many of my targets for 2010 as possible. I will soon add a new page to the lefthand menu so that people can keep track of my efforts to fulfill my wish list over the year.

The list is nearly complete with some simple tasks that I can do in the weeks that I don't go out and others that will require a lot of planning to achieve, such as visiting all Ireland's portal tombs .

Anyway, back to today. I had intended to head down into Carlow, but after waking up very early this morning and failing to get back to sleep again I decided to do a bit of tidying up - my desk and office is a mess! I have a lot of books and excavation reports to catalog and I need to make plans for next year. Staying at home and getting this done seemed like a sensible move.

By 1 o'clock I was going a little stir crazy, so I decided to head out and see what effect the new Luas line construction is having or will finally have on Glendruid (County Dublin), my local portal tomb. The old route is now blocked, so I tried via the lane to Tully Church (County Dublin). The Luas line crosses this so accessing the track to attempt to reach the stream seemed likely. It's good news for megalith lovers! Glendruid portal tomb will soon have its very own Luas stop. Fantastic! It will be very easy to get off at this stop and walk along the stream to reach the monument. I'd like to know why Brenanstown station is sunken, though. Is it just to hide it so that a few local people can't see it? This sinking of the station means that the track goes down to the station, through a tunnel and then climbs back out to ground level again. What an expense! What a waste of tax payers money!

Anyway, enough ranting. While I was in the area I continued up to Tully Church to see the cross and to just enjoy the spot. The site, which is very special is now trapped by the Luas to the east and the motorway to the west. It used to be trapped by the sea and the mountains.

Two stones place either side of a gallery, opposite each other, but not touching so as to leave a gap, that are used to segment it into smaller chambers.

Glendruid - Brennanstown (Co. Dublin)Portal Tomb17 New Images
Tully Church - Laughlanstown (Co. Dublin)Church6 New Images
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