Visits For July, 2010

Saturday, 31st July 2010

A Week In Donegal - Day 6 - The Great Cross Slab Hunt

We wanted to take it easy today so only a few of sites were on our visit list. I wanted to take Uta to Doon Well and I wanted to find the cross slab at Drunhallagh. I can't actually remember the others on the list, but Drumhallagh was such a pain to find that we called it a day after I finally found it.

A few years ago finding Drumhallagh would have been quite straight forward, because a local priest put a fenced path in to take you straight to it. Sadly, the entrance to this path and the path itself has become very overgrown. Finding the stone was made harder by the fact that the official coordinates for the stone are a long way out and the slab is on the opposite side of a hedge to this incorrect location. The hunt was eventually rewarded when I found the slab. What a beauty it is! There's also a small bullaun stone nearby, too.

The Rock Of Doon - Doon (Co. Donegal)Rock Outcrop2 New Images
Doon Well (Co. Donegal)Holy Well4 New Images
Drumhallagh (Co. Donegal)Grave or Cross Slab4 New Images
Drumhallagh (Co. Donegal)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
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