Visits For December, 2004

Saturday, 25th December 2004

White Xmas and the Stones

Waking up to a find a white carpet covering the ground outside wass great for my kids. It was also great for me too: I love visiting stones in the snow! Sadly, I rarely get the chance. So, while the oven was warming up, I went for an hour out to see where I could visit. The choice around the south of Dublin is quite vast, but there's one place I have wanted see in the snow for a very long time - Glendruid (County Dublin).

I stopped of at one other on the way and walked along the back path to Glendruid full of excitement. As I was doing so a heavy flurry of snow started to fall. Excellent! Standing in the little valley, all alone, on a quiet day with just the tomb and the huge flakes of snow to keep me company was a fantastic Yule present. Thank you Mother Nature!

Leopardstown (Co. Dublin)Standing Stone1 New Image
Glendruid - Brennanstown (Co. Dublin)Portal Tomb6 New Images
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