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Sunday, 21st September 2008

Off To Clare For Some Great Tombs

After my last trip to see some stone circles for the first time in a while, I decided to head west to Clare to see some tombs. I started in the south near to O'Brien's Bridge and ended up with a lovely, ankle-breaking walk in the Burren. I managed to get to Cappaghkennedy after being inspired by messages on my contact page and similarly inspired went and hunted out Parknabinnia court tomb - which I was beginning to think was mythical!

Before I go into the details of my day out I have a few things to mention. Firstly, I have recently started to use some free contour maps of Ireland on my GPS. After following instructions I managed to get them working with the Garmin maps, but with a few issues. When I have these ironed out I'll give out a link. Secondly, Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Antrim has no gone to print. I'll post an update as soon as I know when it will be available.

Back to my day. I got tantalizingly close to the first two lovely wedge tombs I went to see. The first sits on a hill summit behind a farm with many dogs and there was no one in when I arrived there. The second is located in a paddock next to a nicely renovated farm complex. The owners here were also out. I'll have to go back to both of these sites, because they look amazing.

Then I headed to the Burren to make the epic pilgrimage to Cappaghkennedy, a wonderful Burren wedge tomb that is very isolated. I chose one of the longest approaches to reach it. This involved a 2 mile walk across typical Burren limestone pavements, some of which are grass covered. These bits can be the most difficult, because you stop concentrating. Good boots are a must!!! After the tomb and cairns at Cappaghkennedy I headed for Parknabinnia, where I've already seen a handful of tombs. This time I was after the court tomb - one of only two in Clare. I can understand why the writer in my guestbook was so pleased to have found this: it's quite special. Thanks to them for the inspiration to get back over to the Burren.

Cloonyconry More (Co. Clare)Wedge Tomb2 New Images
Ballyhickey (Co. Clare)Wedge Tomb1 New Image
Cappaghkennedy (Co. Clare)Cairn4 New Images
Cappaghkennedy (Co. Clare)Cairn3 New Images
Cappaghkennedy (Co. Clare)Wedge Tomb10 New Images
Cappaghkennedy (Co. Clare)Cairn1 New Image
Parknabinnia (Co. Clare)Court Tomb16 New Images
Killinaboy (Co. Clare)Sheela-na-Gig2 New Images
Killinaboy (Co. Clare)Round Tower1 New Image
Parknabinnia (Co. Clare)Wedge Tomb6 New Images
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