Visits For November, 2007

Sunday, 18th November 2007

Very Wet In The Kingdom

I keep being drawn back to Derrynablaha in County Kerry. There's something special about a valley with nearly 40 rock art panels dotted around it (although some of these are actually in the neighbouring townland.) After locating grid references for many of the panels myself and Ken Williams decided to head down there again and see what we could find. Although we both saw to panels that one of us hadn't been to before there was only one panel that was new to both of us. Ken took me to a couple of panels that he'd found previously and we went back to a couple that I have found before.

We didn't manage to get across the valley into the next townland, because the river was too swollen to cross and it was getting too late to drive around to the other side. Another trip to see these is definitely on the cards though, but perhaps this should be left until the Spring when the days are long enough to fit more in.

Some of the stones we failed to find may actually be there still. I had a little mishap loading my GPS from my PC and I think some of the coordinates got messed up. This has prompted me to order a new GPS with some extra features and some proper software to load it up with.

Despite getting very, very wet in the frequent rain storms it was a good day. I got to try out some of the things I have learned about my flash setup, but I still haven't got it sussed properly: for a start I need to learn to be more patient and allow the flashes to recharge properly between shots!

Derrynablaha (Co. Kerry)Rock Art2 New Images
Derrynablaha 4 (Co. Kerry)Rock Art2 New Images
Derrynablaha 11 (Co. Kerry)Rock Art5 New Images
Derrynablaha (Co. Kerry)Standing Stone2 New Images
Derrynablaha 13 (Co. Kerry)Rock Art3 New Images
Derrynablaha 7 (Co. Kerry)Rock Art2 New Images
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