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Saturday, 15th September 2007

The Ring of Kerry - A Big Day Out

Last week I went on holiday to northwest Spain, to Galicia. We stayed in Santiago de Compostilla, but spent most of our days travelling about to see things prehistoric. In the evenings we went around the churches of Santiago. On our journeys we went to three 'dolmens', some rock art, two castros (Iron Age/Neolithic walled settlemets) and some Romanesque churches. I will add an entry to my Beyong Our Shores section as soon as I have time to do so.

This week I decided to do something rather silly - drive around the Ring of Kerry in a day. Not really a problem to do if you start from Kenmare, but setting off from Dublin is a different matter. That's a total round trip of 800km!

The weather started out wonderful, but it did start to rain at the last site I was at. I spent a good three hours wondering around Derrynablaha townland in an attempt to find more rock art panels - I managed to find 5 panels I hadn't been to before, but failed to find two that Ken Williams had previously found.

After Derrynablaha I set off to loop around the Ring of Kerry. On the way I visited a couple of stone rows, a cashel, some more rock art and a beautiful wedge tomb.

Derrynablaha 15 (Co. Kerry)Rock Art6 New Images
Derrynablaha (Co. Kerry)Rock Art3 New Images
Derrynablaha (Co. Kerry)Rock Art4 New Images
Derrynablaha (Co. Kerry)Rock Art1 New Image
Derrynablaha 13 (Co. Kerry)Rock Art3 New Images
Loher (Co. Kerry)Stone Fort5 New Images
Eightercua (Co. Kerry)Stone Row or Alignment4 New Images
Labbydermot - Coom (Co. Kerry)Wedge Tomb9 New Images
Killoluaig (Co. Kerry)Tomb Shrine2 New Images
Gurranebawn (Co. Kerry)Standing Stone3 New Images
Ballynahow Beg (Co. Kerry)Rock Art3 New Images
Gortnagulla (Co. Kerry)Stone Row or Alignment3 New Images
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