Visits For June, 2008

Saturday, 7th June 2008

Wow! Not Many Sites, But What Special Ones!

My day started at Ballyglass (County Mayo) in the hope that it had been cleared. Sadly not. I had to find the farmer for a project we were thinking about and he told me that the site would 'stay overgrown for as long as he was alive'. Shame. He added that he was fed up with people just turning up and being disrespectful. Shame.

After that I went to Tawnatruffaun (County Sligo) to meet up with Ken Williams to hunt for a cup-and-ring marked stone near to the tomb. Sadly we found the stone embedded in the wall. I say sadly, because the stone turned out to be half a millstone, abandoned after it broke in two. The alledged ring is actually the scratched out position of the hole in the centre.

After that Ken headed home and I set off (with little hope) to find two tombs that I've looked for previously and (obviously) never managed to find. Today I found both of them. The first is an almost complete wedge tomb and the second an almost perfect court tomb with a roof and impressive corbelling.

Ballyglass (Co. Mayo)Court TombAwaiting New Images
Tawnatruffaun (Co. Sligo)Portal Tomb2 New Images
Carrowleagh (Co. Mayo)Wedge Tomb9 New Images
Carrowleagh (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb7 New Images
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