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Sunday, 7th February 2010

Is Curragh Irish for fog?

Seriously! My last trip was to the Curragh where I encountered thick fog. Today I went to the Little Curragh where I encountered thin fog. Curragh = thick fog and Little Curragh = thin fog.

Unlike my last trip I was able to walk about today and find barrows. Wow! The barrows here are amazing. I don't know of anywhere else in Ireland where you can walk amongst so many barrows. My walk only lasted about 2 hours and I visited over 10 barrows!

I actually think that some of these barrows need reassessing, beacuse at least 2 of them have causewayed entrances on the west side. Should these be reclassified as henges? Around one of these larger barrows I came across several small barrows, which helped bump the numbers up quite quickly.

One of the most spectacular monuments I saw was a barrow that is so big it has 2 golf course greens inside its outer banks. Between the two greens within this 50m embanked area is a central barrow that has at least three more banks and ditches around it!

On the way back to the car I came across something that I've never heard mention of before. I am sure that the Curragh/Little Curragh has been thoroughly studied so can I have found something new. I certainly hope so, but I probably haven't. Either way, a dead straight line of at least 8 small barrows is a pretty amazing thing to stumble across. What makes it more wonderful is that the alignment is southwest/northeast.

If anyone out there knows the Curragh area really well from an archaeological angle please contact me. I need to know whether I've found something new here. Titles of existing publications or papers that mention this feature would be welcome, too.

Little Curragh (Co. Kildare)Barrow Cemetery4 New Images
Little Curragh VI (Co. Kildare)Barrow3 New Images
Little Curragh V (Co. Kildare)Barrow6 New Images
Little Curragh Va (Co. Kildare)Barrow1 New Image
Little Curragh Vb (Co. Kildare)Barrow3 New Images
Little Curragh Vc (Co. Kildare)Barrow3 New Images
Little Curragh IV (Co. Kildare)Barrow5 New Images
Little Curragh IVb (Co. Kildare)Barrow2 New Images
Little Curragh III (Co. Kildare)Barrow6 New Images
Little Curragh II (Co. Kildare)Barrow5 New Images
Little Curragh I (Co. Kildare)Ring Fort5 New Images
Little Curragh I (Co. Kildare)Barrow12 New Images
Little Curragh Barrow Alignment (Co. Kildare)Barrow Cemetery7 New Images
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