Coordinate Convertors

These utilities are provided to help people use grid references from different sources that may be in different formats.

Convert an Irish Grid Reference to Longitude/Latitude

This can be a 6, 8 or 10 figure grid reference. Please enter leading zeros for padding.
e.g. N 0023 0345


Convert Longitude/Latitude to an Irish Grid Reference

This can be in the form of degrees, minutes and seconds or you can just enter a decimal value for the degrees. Note that all of Ireland is 'West' so enter this value as a positive one.

Degrees Minutes Seconds

Convert 10 Figure Archaeological Inventory Grid Ref to Irish Grid

Some of the Archaeological Inventories do not list OS grid references, but give two five digit numbers, such as 20198/16289. Enter these here to convert them to OS map references.


Locate a Town

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