Spain - Los Millares

fig. 5 : One of the better prserved tombs

fig. 6 : One of the better prserved tombs

In amongst the very ruined tombs there are some very well-preserved examples (see fig. 5). One of these is the one that the reconstruction previously described is based upon. You can clearly make out all the features including the slate doorways and side chambers (see fig. 6).

Halfway along the road that leads from the main gate to the citadel there is a group of three semi-restored tombs (see fig. 7). These represent three different styles of construction used at Los Millares. Ther vary from simple drystone passage and chamber, to kerbed cairn with slate doorways.

fig. 7 : Three semi-restored tombs

From these the walk to the citadel is about 400m. Here you are greeted with a wealth of things to wonder around mouth agape in wander.

fig. 8 : A section of the outer defensive wall

Compared with the contemporary remains to be seen in the British Isles the level of engineering and organisation here seems way ahead. Due to not really knowing Neolithic structures that look like this you really do think that the walls must be later. They look Roman and it's hard to stop your mind thinking otherwise.

The citadel is built on a promontory over-looking a dry valley. However, at the time of the site's construction the valley below was actually tidal. This means that the site had quick access to the sea and trade routes. The walls run across the promontory effectively sealing off a large area and making it very secure.

fig. 9 : Inner face of the defensive wall

The longest stretch of wall looks like the section that the reconstruction was based upon. There are several towers on the ouside with access from the rear in some cases. Others don't seem to have a doorway and it is assumed by the archaeologists that these had trapdoors in their roofs for access from the walkway around the wall.

Just inside this wall there is another tomb - the only one inside the citadel itself. This has been fully restored and looks as good as the reconstructions.

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