Carrowmore : Passage Tomb Cemetery

Grid RefG 663 337
Longitude8° 31' 1.48" W
Latitude54° 15' 3.46" N
ITM east480366
ITM north584435
Nearest TownSligo (3.8 Km)
OS Sheet25
UTM zone29U
UTM x449041
UTM y5761192

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Carrowmore Tomb 57 - Passage TombCarrowmore Tomb 58 & 59 - Passage Tomb
Carrowmore Tomb 7 - Passage TombListoghil - Carrowmore - Passage Tomb
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Visit Notes

Sunday, 29th December 2002

For now I am making one site of Carrowmore. With around 60 tombs in the complex this is not really a good approach, but I am not sure of the tomb numbers at the moment and so I can't split it up properly. I will do so as soon as I can.

Now. What an outstanding place this is. I was truly dumbstruck as I drove into the area from the south-east and was immediately confronted by 4 passage tombs and kerbs!

The passage tombs here are supposed to be the roots of all passage tombs and stone circles throughout Ireland and Europe. The tombs themselves appear to be passageless (with a few exceptions) and more resemble small portal tombs .

You really have to come here to fully appreciate the madness of the area, with 60 tombs scattered over an area just 1km by .5km.

Alignments or stone rows are groups of standing stones set in straight line. They can occur in any size group from two (usually refered to as a stone pair - see Boherboy (County Dublin)) to ten or more, although anything over four is exceptional (see Castlelanaght (County Cork)).

The function of these is a bit of a mystery, although many do seem to have significant astrological or geographical properties.

The stones making stone pairs often appear to be totally different in shape from each other, often hinting at a male and female partnership.

Two stones place either side of a gallery, opposite each other, but not touching so as to leave a gap, that are used to segment it into smaller chambers.

Sunday, 4th May 2003

The weather cleared in the mid to late afternoon and so we decided to head back to Carrowmore. We had planned to just go to tombs 1-7 and 13, but when we arrived the Visitor's Centre was open. I hadn't expected it to be - I seem to have thought that it didn't open until June.

The two euro entry fee is worth it. There is a self-guided tour available - fortunatley this is not an audio thing like you get at places like Stonehenge, for instance, but a simple piece of laminated card with some info on it. There is also a good little booklet available for 5 euro, which is written by the chief excavator of the complex.

Sunday, 31st August 2003

As part of our Sligo daytrip we decided to go to Carrowmore. I never mind being here and my wife had never been before.

I really don't know what they're doing to Listoghil right now. It is fenced off and bulldozers and JCBs are tearing the cairn to pieces. I spoke to several people at the site that weren't all that impressed with what's going on either. It certainly ain't pretty!

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