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Ally (Court Tomb) (Co. Tyrone)Altoir Ultach - Ballycroum (Wedge Tomb) (Co. Clare)


Ballyaghagan (Chambered Cairn) (Co. Antrim)Ballyalbaanagh (Rath) (Co. Antrim)
Ballyalbaanagh (Court Tomb) (Co. Antrim)Ballyalton (Court Tomb) (Co. Down)
Ballyard (Bullaun Stone) (Co. Tipperary)Ballybeen (Standing Stone) (Co. Down)
Ballybeg (Court Tomb) (Co. Mayo)Ballybetagh (Cairn) (Co. Dublin)
Ballyboher (Standing Stone) (Co. Wexford)Ballybrack (Portal Tomb) (Co. Dublin)
Ballybrack (Standing Stone) (Co. Donegal)Ballybriest (Wedge Tomb) (Co. Derry)
Ballybrittas (Portal Tomb) (Co. Wexford)Ballyburly (Standing Stone) (Co. Offaly)
Ballycasheen (Portal Tomb) (Co. Clare)Ballycleagh (Stone Pair) (Co. Antrim)
Ballycloghduff (Carved Figure) (Co. Westmeath)Ballycook (Cross) (Co. Carlow)
Ballycook (Bullaun Stone) (Co. Carlow)Ballycoos (Cairn) (Co. Antrim)
Ballycraig (Standing Stone) (Co. Antrim)Ballycroum (Wedge Tomb) (Co. Clare)
Ballycroum (Kist) (Co. Clare)Ballyedmonduff (Standing Stone) (Co. Dublin)
Ballyedmonduff (Wedge Tomb) (Co. Dublin)Ballyellin And Tomdarrach (Standing Stone) (Co. Carlow)
Ballyfinboy Castle (Sheela-na-Gig) (Co. Tipperary)Ballyfolan (Cairn) (Co. Wicklow)
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