Visits For November, 2006

Sunday, 12th November 2006

The Ever-Fading Mother of Loughcrew and Other Wonders

Still avoiding the long journey to Waterford to do some much-needed research for the next instalment of the Monu-Mental About series I set off in completely the other direction today to visit Bobsville in County Meath - well you have to go to a place called Bobsville don't you! I went there to see a piece of rock art in the graveyard there, but I found so much more there than I had expected. There is not only a holy well over the road, but there are also some Clonmacnoise-style graveslabs and a rare Tau Cross mounted into the graveyard walls.

After Bobsville I headed for Patrickstown Hill - the most easterly of the Loughcrew hills. On this hill the remains are nowhere near as spectacular as the cairns found on he other hills. One of the cairns, designated cairn X1, did have the most spectacular carving to be found at Loughcrew, but this has now eroded beyond all recognition.

On the way home I stopped off at Kells to look at the crosses in the churchyard again and then went to Rath Dubh at Teltown where I had quite a surprise.

Bobsville (Co. Meath)Rock Art4 New Images
Bobsville (Co. Meath)Grave or Cross Slab4 New Images
Bobsville (Co. Meath)Holy Well1 New Image
Loughcrew - Patrickstown - Patrickstown (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb CemeteryAwaiting New Images
Patrickstown Hill (Co. Meath)Standing Stone3 New Images
Patrickstown Hill (Co. Meath)Standing Stone1 New Image
Cairn X1 - Patrickstown Hill (Co. Meath)Cairn5 New Images
Cairn X2 - Patrickstown Hill (Co. Meath)Cairn2 New Images
Cairn X3 - Patrickstown Hill (Co. Meath)Cairn1 New Image
Cairn Y - Patrickstown Hill (Co. Meath)Cairn2 New Images
Kells (Co. Meath)Round Tower3 New Images
Kells (Co. Meath)High Cross3 New Images
Rath Dubh - Teltown (Co. Meath)Rath4 New Images

Sunday, 19th November 2006

Holed Stones, A Wonderously Odd Tomb And Some Rain

This Sunday's trip was the final Non-Waterford Sunday trip for a while (I think). I headed up to County Down to see a friend and then head off to visit one of the last major monuments in Down that I've yet to see. Before that I 'nipped' up to south Antrim to take a look at a couple of new sites and one old favourite. Sadly, by the time I had driven back into County Down the rain had caught me up and the visit to Castlemahon stone circle had to be called off.

The sites I did get to included a revisit to the amazing, but still not tidied up, Hole Stone at Doagh. What a great stone this is: surely one of the most tactile stones in Ireland!

As well as visiting The Hole Stone I went to a nearby ruined stone circle, where I discovered what I believe is the site of the quarry where the stones for the circle were sourced. The other stop was to see the amazingly weird passage tomb near to Roughfort village.

I'd just like to thank everyone that has bought my book so far. I've been amazed at the uptake and am nearly out of stock! I shall have to order some more soon.

The Hole Stone - Holestone (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone4 New Images
Tobergill (Co. Antrim)Stone Circle5 New Images
Craigarogan (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb4 New Images

Saturday, 25th November 2006

Wind And Darkness At Loughcrew

After visiting Loughcrew - Patrickstown (County Meath) two weeks ago I've decided to revisit the other Loughcrew hills and add each cairn as an individual sub-site so that each one can be described more easily. Hopefully, this will help to add to people's visits.

To start this process I went to Loughcrew - Corstown (County Meath) first. I knew I would be there until past dusk, so I arranged to meet up with photographer Ken Williams to do some flash photography. The man's got fingers of steel! I had to stop well before he did, because my fingers were soon numbed by the cold wind and I couldn't really operate my camera.

While I was waiting for him to arrive I wondered around the hill starting at the west end taking GPS readings for each cairn and getting a few new photos of each. Soon I will return to deal with the other monuments in the area and 'complete the set'.

Cairns P1, P2, Q - Corstown (Co. Meath)Cairn2 New Images
Corstown (Co. Meath)Standing Stone2 New Images
Cairn N - Corstown (Co. Meath)Cairn2 New Images
Cairn R2 - Corstown (Co. Meath)Cairn1 New Image
Cairn R1 - Corstown (Co. Meath)Cairn1 New Image
Cairn S - Corstown (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb5 New Images
Cairn T - Corstown (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb4 New Images
Cairn U - Corstown (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb4 New Images
Cairn V - Corstown (Co. Meath)Passage TombAwaiting New Images
Cairn W - Corstown (Co. Meath)Passage TombAwaiting New Images
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