Visits For November, 2005

Sunday, 20th November 2005

A Beautiful Day In Tipperary

Today I finally got out of the house! What a fantastic day. The sun was shining brilliantly and casting long winter shadows. You have to love this time of year.

In the past I have paid too little attention to Tipperary so far having been given the impression that it's a bit barren of sites apart from the really well known ones. I, of all people, should have known better. Recently a new member of The Modern Antiquarian has started posting some great north Tipperary sites and so I decided to get out there myself. One of today's sites I had tried to see before but bad weather stopped me. Another one has to be one of the finest sites in Ireland! And I'm about to disagree with the Archaeos on this one and make quite a claim about it.

To finish the afternoon off I stopped off at a pair of sites that proved to be quite amazing in their own right.

Bauraglanna (Co. Tipperary)Stone Circle10 New Images
Ashley Park (Co. Tipperary)Passage Tomb7 New Images
Ballinlough (Co. Tipperary)Barrow5 New Images
Ballinlough (Co. Tipperary)Standing Stone6 New Images

Sunday, 27th November 2005

A Quiet Time Commeth

I had some personal business to attend to in Kilkenny today, so I though I'd get a few sites in on the journey there and back. As it turned out I didn't get to as many as I had wished. This seemed to be because my heart just wasn't in it! Quite a self-exploding revelation to me to be honest. I've slowed down a lot recently anyway and this is obviously why.

So. I have decided to take it easy for a while and just go out to the stones when it feels right! Don't worry though. Megalithomania wil continue to grow. I have many old images to add and quite a pile of books to add to the reviews section. There are also some layout/code improvements I wish to add.

I will also be trying very hard to get my book taken up by a publisher and setting up a mailing list to notify people of new features and articles as and when they appear. Hopefully I will soon regain my passion for getting blown off mountain tops and stuck up to my knees in bogs looking for old stones and will pick up where I left off in the summer, becoming a full-on-stone-hunting-madman once more.

St Lazerian's Well - Old Leighlin (Co. Carlow)Holy Well5 New Images
Castledermot (Co. Kildare)Round Tower7 New Images
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