Visits For June, 2006

Sunday, 4th June 2006

A Beautiful Day to be Out There

Well, it certainly does look as if Summer has arrived! What a glorious day to be out and about. Sadly, the pressures of the book deadline mean that I have to stay focused and sensible, so today was a quick sprint out to revisit a couple of sites and track down some of the missing ones.

I did manage to see a few, new and old, but some have gone: ploughed away. This is the price that northern Dublin has paid for having fertile soil. Not to worry. What's gone has gone. All we can do is strive to protect what's left.

With all that is happening right now I'm a bit behind on adding recent images, but I will do my best to get everything up to date before I go out again tomorrow.

Palmerstown Lower - Stewart's Hospital (Co. Dublin)Barrow1 New Image
Phoenix Park - Knockmaroon (Co. Dublin)Kist1 New Image
Grallagh (Co. Dublin)Holy Well4 New Images
Dun (Co. Dublin)Artificial MoundAwaiting New Images
Brehon's Chair - Taylorsgrange (Co. Dublin)Portal TombAwaiting New Images

Monday, 5th June 2006

More Losses

This morning I took another trip to find a few of the sites I haven't visited yet in County Dublin. I only found one of them! The rest? Gone. Ploughed away. How sad.

I did stop at an old favourite as well, but the best part of the morning was sitting and watching four fox cubs playing outside their den. The pure comedy of their antics was a delight. I know these games are actually serious training for when they have to leave mum and defend for themselves, but it is still funny to see. Sadly, they noticed my bright red t-shirt when I finally decided to get my camera out and the scarpered back inside.

Boherboy (Co. Dublin)Stone Pair1 New Image
Ballymount Park - Kingswood (Co. Dublin)Artificial Mound2 New Images

Sunday, 11th June 2006

Some Beautiful Views

Yet more whistle-stop vsits to some Dublin sites. As well as visiting one new fantastic site on Athgoe Hill I took some time to revist the monuments at the north end of Saggart Hill and have a look around Mountseskin. Today was dominated by views of Seahan, Seefingan and Seefin. I don't think I can think of much that makes me happier than the sight these three mountains on a sunny day.

Athgoe Hill (Co. Dublin)Barrow1 New Image
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