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Saturday, 7th July 2007

Are All The Sevens Lucky?

07-07-07. What a lovely date. Today was another day in Waterford. It's so slow mopping up the last few sites that I need to visit. They're so spread out. Many have gone or I was unable to locate them. At others the lanowner was away, so I could gain access. The ones I did visit aren't particularly spectacular in their own right, but they do fill in the picture a little.

There seems to be a pattern to Waterford. The monuments in the east of the county, that is to the east of the Monavullagh Mountains, are fairly well cared for. This could be down to their proximity to the City of Waterford. Those to the west are a bit shabby to be honest. They're also a bit thin on the ground. Were the mountains that much of a barrier?

The land to the west is very good farming land, so it could be that there were once many more monuments there, but land clearances have destroyed many of them.

I didn't manage to get to any of the hilltop cairns still on my list. These will have to wait for a long weekend, which hopefully will be next week or the week after.

The book itself Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Waterford is coming on at speed and is almost finished. We are hoping that it will be in the shops by November 2007.

Gurteen Lower (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Tooreen (Co. Waterford)Stone Circle4 New Images
Tooreen West (Co. Waterford)Stone Row or Alignment3 New Images
Toor Well - Monalummery (Co. Waterford)Holy Well2 New Images
Lagnagoushee (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone1 New Image

Saturday, 14th July 2007

Two Days of Glorious Sites and Lots of Weather - Day 1

With my tent in the car I set off for a weekend in Waterford. The weather forecast was mixed, but that didn't matter: I have sites to see and not a lot of time to see them in.

I met up with Derek on Saturday morning and off we set. The main target of our journey was to climb Seefin in the Monavullagh Mountains to see the cairns on its summit and the standing stone half way up. At over 720m high this is a big climb, but it is well worth it. Even on a miserable, cloudy day the views were tremendous.

Our route took us past a bunch of the sites in Coumeraglinmountain townland. I'd been there before, but in bad mist/fog. I'm still amazed I ever found the monuments - this time it took us longer to find some of them with no fog!

Knockboy (Co. Waterford)Ogham Stone2 New Images
Coumaraglin NW - South Cairn (Co. Waterford)Chambered Cairn2 New Images
Coumaraglin NW - North Cairn (Co. Waterford)Chambered Cairn2 New Images
Coumaraglin NW (Co. Waterford)Cairn1 New Image
Coumaraglin NW (Co. Waterford)Stone Circle2 New Images
Coumaraglin NW (Co. Waterford)Fulacht Fia1 New Image
Coumeraglinmountain (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone5 New Images
Cutteen South (Co. Waterford)Cairn3 New Images
Cutteen North (Co. Waterford)Cairn3 New Images

Sunday, 15th July 2007

Two Days of Glorious Sites and Lots of Weather - Day 2

After a great night spent chatting to two women, Helen and Sarah, I finally woke up, packed the tent and set off to see some sites. I didn't have much time and the weather was pretty rotten.

I managed a couple of standing stones and then headed home. On the way I stopped at Kilkieran (County Kilkenny) to have another look around. I was surprised to find that there is some work going on: some of the walls around the graveyard are being rebuilt. I was even more surprised to see two new bullaun stones standing at the base of one of the walls!

Graigavalla (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone1 New Image
Kilclooney (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone4 New Images
Kilkieran (Co. Kilkenny)High Cross6 New Images
Kilkieran (Co. Kilkenny)Standing Stone1 New Image
Kilkieran (Co. Kilkenny)Bullaun Stone1 New Image

Sunday, 29th July 2007

No Camping This Week, But some Nice Sites (And Some Missing Ones)

I have a small list of sites in County Waterford that I have yet to visit and a few that I want to revisit. The weather has done its best to stop me. To compound the problem work has been incredibly hectic, which is why I am so behind in updating images. I currently find myself away from home again. Away from my family stuck in a hotel room.

Last weekend I didn't write a blog for my trip, because I only got to see one thing and I've decided to keep that one for special mention in my next book - Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Waterford.

This weekend I only had Sunday to get away, so I decided I'd make it a good day by revisiting the sites in the southern part of the Coumeraglin complex and looking at some new sites dotted around the county: another day of long car journeys between monuments.

A few of the sites on my list are either gone or very well hidden. One of the sites I wouldn't have found if I hadn't met the farmer who told me that the lane I was on wasn't the one on the map, but a new one. He also told me that I was standing just 20m from the stones I was looking for! Rather embarassing considering that one of them is over 3m tall, but they were both covered in ivy and amongst trees.

I finished the day on Ardmore beach. I love it there. This weekend was Ardmore's pattern weekend, so it was rather busy. Despite the many people there the enormous stretch of beach was still almost empty. I was there to find a stone about which I'd read in some books from the 1800s. I might save this for my forthcoming book, too. I've not seen any reference to it in more recent books and Ardmore doesn't seem to make anything of it either. I had assumed that it must have disappeared, but I found it. Apparently, it's just the folklore of this stone that's been forgotten. How sad is that? Perhaps I can rekindle it.

Croagh (Co. Waterford)Stone Pair3 New Images
Killbarrymeaden (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone2 New Images
Crohaun (Co. Waterford)Cairn2 New Images
Coumeraglin (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Coumaraglin SE - Henge (Co. Waterford)Henge2 New Images
Coumaraglin SE (Co. Waterford)Stone Circle2 New Images
Coumaraglin SE - Cairns (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
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