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Monday, 1st January 2007

At Least The Bullauns Were Full!

To start the New Year I set off down towards Glendalough with the intention of seeing the mass of bullaun stones (11 or so) around the Seven Fonts, but rain stopped me getting that far. I did manage to locate two very nice bullaun stones, though, and totally failed to find one at Ashtown near Roundwood.

It was great to read that the gov't have puchased 47 acres of land around Glendalough recently. They paid a crazy price for it (more than the going rate for non-building land in Co. Dublin!), but at least some more of Glendalough's monuments should become more accessible soon.

Ashtown (Co. Wicklow)Church1 New Image
Roundwood Graveyard I - Ballinacorbeg (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
Roundwood Graveyard II - Ballinacorbeg (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
Roundwood Graveyard III - Ballinacorbeg (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
Fassaroe (Co. Wicklow)Cross2 New Images

Sunday, 7th January 2007


I did a full circuit of the Wicklow Mountains today. The trip didn't start out being completely about bullaun stones, but it ended up that way. I had intended to see some standing stones, too, but the evil rain kept stopping and starting and everytime I was near to something other than a bullaun it was very hard.

At last I managed to find the bullaun at Knocktemple that had eluded me on a previous attempt. I don't know why I didn't find it to be honest as it's out in the open. I was definitely in the right area the last time, but I must not have entered the correct field.

Other new bullauns visited today include one near to Aghowle Lower (County Wicklow) and a field full of them in Brockagh townland near to Glendalough. This field contains no less than 8 bullaun stones, but four of these make up one monument known as The Seven Fonts. This field has recently been bought by the State and I wanted to see the site before it gets any tourist attracting treatment. I only managed to locate 6 of the stones in the field, missing two double bullauns.

I finished the day by revisiting the marvelous bullaun stone at Clonmore (County Carlow).

Last week a small landmark was made on this site when I posted the 6500th image. That's a lot of images and there's now over 1650 sites here, too.

Knocktemple (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone5 New Images
Brockagh (Glendalough d) (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone1 New Image
Brockagh (Glendalough b) (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone1 New Image
The Seven Fonts (Glendalough a) - Brockagh (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone5 New Images
Aghowle Lower (Co. Wicklow)Church3 New Images
Aghowle Lower (Co. Wicklow)Cross2 New Images
Aghowle Lower (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone5 New Images
Clonmore (Co. Carlow)Bullaun Stone2 New Images

Sunday, 14th January 2007

Coast To Coast

For some strange reason I got the urge to head west and visit the piece of rock art at Boheh in Co. Mayo known as St. Patrick's Chair. With this in mind I did some research into other sites in the area that I could visit whilst I was over there and made a list ... that I promptly ignored once I arrived in Mayo.

After visiting the first few sites on my list I quickly decided that the nice weather and the long drive deserved something special and the amazing, remote court tomb at Aillemore topped the list. What an amazing place!

Several of the sites I visited are on a new tourist route - The Clewbay Archhaeological Trail - that takes in some very interesting and diverse monuments such as Boheh rock art, Srawhee wedge tomb and some churches. This trail is very a welcome addition to the tourist map! I've not seen an image of Srawhee looking as tidy as it does now.

The best part of the journey was definitely Aillemore, but a stone pair right on the Atlantic coast came a very close second.

Ballinillaun (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb4 New Images
Knockshanbally (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb2 New Images
Balla (Co. Mayo)Round Tower4 New Images
Ballaghfarna (Co. Mayo)Standing Stone1 New Image
Aghagower (Co. Mayo)Round Tower1 New Image
Knappaghmanagh (Co. Mayo)Grave or Cross Slab1 New Image
St. Patrick's Chair - Boheh (Co. Mayo)Rock Art12 New Images
Srahwee (Co. Mayo)Wedge Tomb5 New Images
Aillemore (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb8 New Images
Cloonlaur (Co. Mayo)Stone Pair6 New Images
Killeen - Cloonlaur (Co. Mayo)Standing Stone2 New Images
Carrownalurgan (Co. Mayo)Ring Fort1 New Image

Friday, 26th January 2007

Stags and a White Scar

I had booked today off work to do something else, but these plans fell through. So, do I go into work or do I stil take the day off? Erm .... no contest. The recent 'rediscovery' of an amazing bullaun stone in Wicklow gave me the perfect target. Add to that the fact that there was supposed to be some rock art nearby and several more 'lost' bullauns, I had to go.

The second part of my trip was to locate the Gossan Stones above Laragh. Chris Corlett had mentioned these to me a couple of years ago, but I'd failed to find them at the time. The stone featured recently in Archaeology Ireland magazine in an article about their alignment to The Devil's Glen, written by Chris Corlett. A great reminder that I needed to see this male-and-female-style stone pair.

AND! The weather was great! To make the day very complete a large stag ran across the field at Drummin while I was looking at the rock art and the top of Scar was covered in snow.

Drummin (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
Drummin I (Co. Wicklow)Rock Art4 New Images
Drummin II (Co. Wicklow)Rock Art2 New Images
The Gossan Stones (Co. Wicklow)Stone Pair5 New Images

Sunday, 28th January 2007

A Vertical Challenge

West Waterford. It all seems to be standing stones. Everything's vertical over there. Today I saw some nice ones, some not so nice ones and some wonderful ones. There was a lot of walking across 'blasted moors' to reach some of them, too.

People who aren't local to the area just don't realise how thoroughly stunning the landscape is on the west side of the Coumeraglin Mountains. Several times today I just stopped and looked at the scenery with my mouth open at its beauty.

While doing this I believe I discovered an unrecorded stone circle and a new standing stone. I will have to do some checking up on the circle, but I think its new. To finish off the day I went to see the ogham stones at Kiltera and then revisited Ballyquin portal tomb, which has been cleaned up nicely since my last visit. The first thirty yards of field inside the gate are still a swamp though! Still, crossing it to reach this weird little tomb is worth every squelch.

Knockanaffrin (Co. Waterford)Stone Circle1 New Image
Knockanaffrin (Co. Waterford)Stone Pair6 New Images
Carrigeen (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Carrigeen (Co. Waterford)Fulacht Fia1 New Image
Lyre (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone2 New Images
Knockboy (Co. Waterford)Stone Row or Alignment1 New Image
Mweeling (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Dyrick (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone2 New Images
Kiltera (Co. Waterford)Ogham Stone5 New Images
Coolnasmearmountain (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone5 New Images
Mothel (Co. Waterford)Cross Pillar2 New Images
Ballyquin (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone2 New Images
Ballyquin (Co. Waterford)Portal Tomb5 New Images
Ballyquin (Co. Waterford)Ogham Stone3 New Images
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