Visits For February, 2007

Sunday, 4th February 2007

Out of the Fog and Into the Sun

As I left Dublin I was a little apprehensive. Not only was it foggy, but it was really cold. My accident three years ago when I spun off the road due to a patch of black ice on the way to Mayo has made me very cautious about driving in such conditions. Thankfully I arrived in Waterford without incident and the rest of the day follow a similer theme. To add to the accident freeness of the trip the weather was fabulous for the whole day, too.

I didn't see a great deal of stuff today, mainly due to hanging around for an hour or more at Ardmore having my lunch and waiting for the sun to reach the perfect spot to light up the carvings on the west wall. From up by the roundt tower you can look down on to the beach and the sound of the surf crashing in was intoxicating. I really do want to live in a remote-ish spot close to the sea.

While at the top of Crohaun Mountain above the Maum Pass I met a local man who was up there for the 753rd time! After sitting and taking in the views I can see why he makes a weekly pilgrimage up there. To the south you can look out to sea over Dungarvan and to the west the Mealdown Mountains were floating in a sea of mist. I sat up there for quite a while, too, after the man had left.

Apart from Ardmore and the cairn on this mountainand a revisit to Ballynamona Lower (County Waterford) I did see some nice standing stones in some nice and interesting places.

Ballynamona Lower (Co. Waterford)Court Tomb6 New Images
Glenwilliam (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Boherboy (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Ardmore (Co. Waterford)Round Tower4 New Images
St. Declan's Church - Ardmore (Co. Waterford)Church3 New Images
St. Declan's Oratory - Ardmore (Co. Waterford)Church1 New Image
Monaneea (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Ahaun (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone4 New Images
Crohaun (Co. Waterford)Cairn5 New Images

Sunday, 18th February 2007

(Knock)Layd out Cold

On Friday I thought that I'd be going to Kerry today, but by Saturday night I'd changed my mind and set my sights on heading north to County Antrim. What a glorious day to go anywhere. I was a little worried at one point just north of Belfast when I came across a 10km bank of thick fog. Luckily I emerged out of this before I reached the first site.

I started off revisiting two sites including Dooey's Cairn (County Antrim). After that I headed off to find some new sites. Most of these seemed to be tombs; the rest being standing stones. Nearly every site was dominated by Knocklayd, a glorious dome-like mountain that, along with Slemish, seems to be the focus of so many of Antrim's sites.

I had to opt out of visiting a few sites on my list due to taking a long time to find a couple of the ones I visited early on. I think I may well be back in Antrim next week to visit these sites.

Dooey's Cairn - Ballymacaldrack (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb6 New Images
Craigs Lower (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Craigs (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb7 New Images
Armoy (Co. Antrim)Round Tower3 New Images
Breen (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone4 New Images
Duncarbit (Co. Antrim)Stone Pair8 New Images
The Druid Stone - Magheraboy (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb7 New Images
Ballyvoy (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb6 New Images
Ballyvoy (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Cloghafadd - Tervillin (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb6 New Images
Lough-na-Crannagh (Co. Antrim)Crannog2 New Images
Crockanore (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone3 New Images
Gigmagog's Grave - Beardiville (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb4 New Images

Sunday, 25th February 2007

And Then There Was Fog!

I knew it was going to be a wet day, but no one said anything about loads of fog! I was fortunate that the fog didn't manifest itself until well into the afternoon, but it still interfered with the last two sites on my itinery.

Like last week I was in Antrim again. The journey really is an easy one and I have seen so little in the county. I still have loads to see there, but I'm slowly getting through them. If I have a clear day within the next couple of weeks I think I may well be up there again.

The sites on my list that I did manage to get to today were all tombs: Country Antrim has a lot of tombs! Around the passage tomb at Cross I came across many stones that could be standing stones, but I only recorded one of them. I could have spent all day looking around the hillside there - a job someone really needs to do as I think there may be at least one other (very ruined) tomb up there as well.

I will start adding this week's sites as soon as I've finished adding last week's images. Hopefully I will have this done by the end of Monday evening. There are also quite a few updates to this website that you may have noticed recently. Images ar enow grouped together with the notes for the day they were taken, which makes it easier to see what's what. I have also changed the information on the trip log pages to show how many images have been added to a site on this particular trip, rather than showing the total number of images for a site. There are many such minor changes that will hopefully make using easier and more pleasurable.

Soon the site will have its own secure certificate and my new shop will be operational. I shall soon be looking for new products that are of a good enough quality for me to want to sell - I will not be selling Newgrange teatowels!

Ballylumford (Co. Antrim)Passage TombAwaiting New Images
Dunteige (Co. Antrim)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Dunteige (Co. Antrim)Cross-Inscribed Stone3 New Images
Dunteige (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb2 New Images
Cross (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb8 New Images
Cross (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone2 New Images
Tervillin (Co. Antrim)Cairn3 New Images
Lough-na-Crannagh (Co. Antrim)Crannog1 New Image
West Torr (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Ballyvennaght (Co. Antrim)Portal Tomb1 New Image
Ballyvennaght (Co. Antrim)Portal Tomb4 New Images
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