Visits For December, 2002

Sunday, 1st December 2002

Carncome (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone3 New Images
Ballymarlagh (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb2 New Images
Craigywarren (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone4 New Images
Lisnamanny (Co. Antrim)Stone Pair4 New Images
Skerry West (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone5 New Images
Scotchomerbane (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone2 New Images
Dromore (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone1 New Image
Dooey's Cairn - Ballymacaldrack (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb7 New Images
Craigs Upper (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone1 New Image
Craigs Lower (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb5 New Images
Moneydig (Co. Derry)Passage Tomb4 New Images
Crevolea (Co. Derry)Portal Tomb4 New Images
Cornaclery (Co. Derry)Court Tomb1 New Image
Tamnyrankin (Co. Derry)Court Tomb4 New Images
Knockoneill (Co. Derry)Court Tomb4 New Images

Saturday, 7th December 2002

Ballyedmonduff (Co. Dublin)Wedge TombAwaiting New Images
Glencullen - Near Johnny Fox's Pub (Co. Dublin)Standing StoneAwaiting New Images
Kiltiernan Domain (Co. Dublin)Portal TombAwaiting New Images
Glendruid - Brennanstown (Co. Dublin)Portal TombAwaiting New Images
Glassamucky Mountain (Co. Dublin)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
Punchestown - Near Punchestown Race Course (Co. Kildare)Standing Stone1 New Image
Craddockstown West - Oppostie Punchestown Race Course (Co. Kildare)Standing Stone2 New Images
Broadleas - Near Silver Hill (Co. Kildare)Stone Circle1 New Image
The Piper's Stones - Athgreany (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle2 New Images
Castleruddery Lower (Co. Wicklow)Stone CircleAwaiting New Images
Knickeen - Glen Of Imail (Co. Wicklow)Ogham Stone1 New Image
Brittas (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
Brittas II (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone3 New Images

Sunday, 8th December 2002

Hill Of Tara (Co. Meath)Hill FortAwaiting New Images
Kells Market Cross (Co. Meath)High CrossAwaiting New Images
Loughcrew - Loughcrew Cemetery (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb CemeteryAwaiting New Images

Sunday, 15th December 2002

St. Colmcille's Well - Woodtown (Co. Dublin)Holy Well4 New Images
Mount Venus - Woodtown (Co. Dublin)Portal Tomb3 New Images
Carrig (Co. Wicklow)Passage Tomb4 New Images
Tinode 1 (Co. Wicklow)Standing Stone2 New Images
Tinode 2 (Co. Wicklow)Standing Stone3 New Images

Sunday, 22nd December 2002

Glassamucky Mountain (Co. Dublin)Bullaun Stone1 New Image

Sunday, 29th December 2002

Carrowkeel (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb Cemetery1 New Image
Carrowkeel - Cairn G (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Carrowkeel - Cairn H (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb3 New Images
Carrowkeel - Cairn K (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Carrowkeel - Cairn L (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Carrowkeel - Rocking Stone (Co. Sligo)Standing Stone2 New Images
Carrowkeel - Cairn B (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Heapstown Cairn (Co. Sligo)Cairn3 New Images
Ballindoon (Co. Sligo)Portal Tomb1 New Image
Moytirra East (Co. Sligo)Court Tomb5 New Images
Moytirra East (Co. Sligo)Standing Stone3 New Images
Barroe (Co. Sligo)Boulder Burial2 New Images
Carrowmore (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb CemeteryAwaiting New Images
Carrowmore Tomb 26 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb4 New Images
Carrowmore Tomb 27 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb5 New Images
Carrowmore Tomb 19 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb2 New Images
Carrowmore Tomb 13 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb2 New Images
Carrowmore Tomb 5 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb2 New Images
Carrowmore Tomb 4 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb2 New Images
Carrowmore Tomb 7 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb3 New Images
Carrowmore Tomb 1 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Carrowmore Tomb 2 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Carrowmore Tomb 52a (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Carrowmore Tomb 56 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Carrowmore Tomb 57 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Tobernaveen (Co. Sligo)Standing Stone3 New Images
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