Visits For August, 2004

Sunday, 29th August 2004

A Sheela-fest

With all the travleling to megalithic sites in the UK the other week and with the rain last week I decided to do something a little different: today I went on a longhaul journey with the key targets being Sheela-na-Gigs. I managed to see six in all.

The weather was off and on all day. Raining now, sun shining next and then rain again. Fortunately it was one of those days where it didn't rain while I was actually at a site. None of the Sheelas I did see were on churches and seeing a lot in one session really does drive home how diverse they are in style.

I also went to have a look at the restored doorway of Clonfert Cathedral, but there's one small snag: they haven't finished restoring it yet! Some of the detail is just visible, but you can't see the whole doorway at the moment due to scaffolding.

Cloghan Castle (Co. Roscommon)Sheela-na-Gig3 New Images
Skregg (Co. Roscommon)Sheela-na-Gig3 New Images
Skregg (Co. Roscommon)Passage Tomb5 New Images
Tisrara (Co. Roscommon)Cross6 New Images
Ballinderry (Co. Galway)Sheela-na-Gig2 New Images
St. Cuan's Well - Cornamucklagh (Co. Galway)Holy Well4 New Images
Clonfert Cathedral (Co. Galway)Church7 New Images
Garry Castle (Co. Offaly)Sheela-na-Gig2 New Images
Ballyfinboy Castle (Co. Tipperary)Sheela-na-Gig3 New Images
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