Visits For March, 2004

Sunday, 28th March 2004

Can you have a bad day in Cork?

Whenever I plan a trip to Cork I get carried away. I have been to Cork and seen 30 sites in one go - afterall it's so easy down there, and if I'd stopped at every stone I passed today I'd have exceeded that number quite easily. However, I had a plan and a group of sites that I wanted to get to, so onwards and upwards!

The list included some new sites and some revisits. Some of the sites I'd only been to in the rain, some only a dusk ... I wanted to see them in daylight and in the dry. At times the weather seemed to have other plans, but it worked out quite well. It seemed to only rain while I was travelling between sites. Nice!

Labbacallee (Co. Cork)Wedge Tomb1 New Image
Island (Co. Cork)Wedge Tomb1 New Image
Garrane (Co. Cork)Stone Row or Alignment2 New Images
An Seisear - Beenalaght (Co. Cork)Stone Row or Alignment3 New Images
Gowlane North (Co. Cork)Stone Circle4 New Images
Oughtihery (W) (Co. Cork)Stone Circle4 New Images
Maulmore (Co. Cork)Standing Stone3 New Images
Carrigagulla (Co. Cork)Stone Circle6 New Images
Carrigagulla (Co. Cork)Stone Row or Alignment1 New Image
Reananarree (Co. Cork)Stone Circle4 New Images
Gortanimill (Co. Cork)Stone Circle5 New Images
Cools (Co. Cork)Stone Pair2 New Images
Knockraheen (Co. Cork)Stone Circle1 New Image
Glantane East NE (Co. Cork)Stone Circle3 New Images
Glantane East (Co. Cork)Stone Pair2 New Images
Knocknakilla (Co. Cork)Stone Circle5 New Images
Knocknakilla (Co. Cork)Standing Stone2 New Images
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