Visits For January, 2007

Sunday, 28th January 2007

A Vertical Challenge

West Waterford. It all seems to be standing stones. Everything's vertical over there. Today I saw some nice ones, some not so nice ones and some wonderful ones. There was a lot of walking across 'blasted moors' to reach some of them, too.

People who aren't local to the area just don't realise how thoroughly stunning the landscape is on the west side of the Coumeraglin Mountains. Several times today I just stopped and looked at the scenery with my mouth open at its beauty.

While doing this I believe I discovered an unrecorded stone circle and a new standing stone. I will have to do some checking up on the circle, but I think its new. To finish off the day I went to see the ogham stones at Kiltera and then revisited Ballyquin portal tomb, which has been cleaned up nicely since my last visit. The first thirty yards of field inside the gate are still a swamp though! Still, crossing it to reach this weird little tomb is worth every squelch.

Knockanaffrin (Co. Waterford)Stone Circle1 New Image
Knockanaffrin (Co. Waterford)Stone Pair6 New Images
Carrigeen (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Carrigeen (Co. Waterford)Fulacht Fia1 New Image
Lyre (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone2 New Images
Knockboy (Co. Waterford)Stone Row or Alignment1 New Image
Mweeling (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Dyrick (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone2 New Images
Kiltera (Co. Waterford)Ogham Stone5 New Images
Coolnasmearmountain (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone5 New Images
Mothel (Co. Waterford)Cross Pillar2 New Images
Ballyquin (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone2 New Images
Ballyquin (Co. Waterford)Portal Tomb5 New Images
Ballyquin (Co. Waterford)Ogham Stone3 New Images
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