Visits For April, 2008

Sunday, 27th April 2008

One Last Visit?

Is this the last trip to Antrim for a while? I'm not 100% sure yet, but it could be. I will just have to see how things go over the next week or so. I might realise that I need to revisit somewhere or that I've missed something that can't be omitted from the book, Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Antrim.

I was surprised today by how many monuments (mainly standing stones) have disappeared. Quite a lot of sites marked on the OS maps are no longer there. On the plus side, I've managed to visit a number of Antrim sites that aren't on the OS maps!

Today was all about the last few sites (I hope). Some standing stones, a court tomb, a hillfort with a view and some cairns. The cairns were disappointing, but had great views. The court tomb, although ruined, is a nice one - it would have been quite impressive when complete.

With the Bank Holiday weekend approaching I may make one final visit to County Antrim. I'd like to get to Rathlin Island.

Aldoo (Co. Antrim)Artificial Mound2 New Images
Aldoo (Co. Antrim)Artificial Mound2 New Images
The Schoolhouse Cairn - West Divivsion (Co. Antrim)Cairn7 New Images
Browndod (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb6 New Images
The Tardree Stone - Browndod (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone7 New Images
Ballyaghagan (Co. Antrim)Chambered Cairn2 New Images
Collinward (Co. Antrim)Cairn2 New Images
Highfield (Co. Antrim)Rath3 New Images
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