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Sunday, 20th June 2010

Inishmurray Here I come ... Oh Yes I Do!

This is it. Finally I am going to get to Inishmurray. Conor Hill needed to take core samples for his research and a boat had been chartered. Thorsten & Tatjana invited me along to make up the numbers, and we were joined by Ruth, Maria, Jean and four tourists to bring the cost of the boat charter down.

The journey from Rosses Point to Inishmurray takes about 1 hour 40 minutes and we were blessed with calm waters. We didn't get any dolphins on the way, but we did see many seabirds, including 2 puffins. Along the journey Tatjana, who knows Sligo so well, pointed out lots of interesting sites and landscape features to us.

Landing at Inishmurray is interesting. There is no constructed quay, but the square-edged rocks do form a natural harbour on the south side of the island, just below the deserted village. We didn't have the island to ourselves for long, as several charter and private boats came along throughout the day.

Inishmurray is best known for its early Christian monastery, which is located inside a cashel. Inside there are churches, a beehive hut, cross slabs and leachts or altars. Many of the cross slabs from the island have been removed for safety and some replicas are being made to replace them in situ.

It's so hard to say what my favourite part of the visit was. The cross slabs that remain are beautiful. The semi-ruined sweathouse is cute. The cashel and its enclosed monuments are fantastic and must be the best part, although the island itself is simply a great place to be. I will definitely revisit here in a few years time, hopefully to see the replica cross slabs in place.

I have been trying to get out here for years and, for various reasons, have never managed to sort it out. I owe Thorsten and Tatjana a big favour! Thanks for inviting me.

Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Sweat House1 New Image
Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Holy Well3 New Images
Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Stone Fort15 New Images
Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Monastic Settlement29 New Images
Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Leacht3 New Images
Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Leacht2 New Images
Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Kist1 New Image
Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Leacht6 New Images
The Womens' Church - Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Church2 New Images
The Birthing Stone - Inishmurray (Co. Sligo)Grave or Cross Slab3 New Images
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