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Saturday, 19th June 2010

Time To Visit Some Sligo Tombs

Sligo has too much to offer. It amazes me that there is more stuff being discovered there all the time. The monuments I went to today are not new discoveries, although one of them is a surprising recent rediscovery, and the evening ended with what I believe is a new Summer Solstice observation.

The plan for the day was to visit some of the tombs I haven't yet visited and spend the evening at Carrowkeel watching the sun set through the lightbox in Cairn G. The weather was perfect for this for the first time in many years. I managed to get some good photos of the start of the event, but missed the final moments when it's at its most spectacular. I wondered off to give the many other people chance to enjoy it and got back to the tomb a few minutes too late to see it. After seeing a photograph taken by someone inside I was a bit miffed. Oh well. There'll be other years. I had actually gone off to visit Cairn M - one I'd not been to yet. While here I saw something that could be special.

During the day I visited five tombs - a portal tomb, three court tombs and a wedge tomb. One of the court tombs is very much a portal/court hybrid and if you removed several stones the remains would be interpreted as a portal tomb. The portal tomb I visited has been missing for a long time. What? Well, it was reported as destroyed and everyone assumed that it was gone completely. Even the recent Archaeological Survey missed it. Then Tatjana Kytmannow visited the site whilst preparing her PhD and was surprised to find the fallen remains of this once lovely portal tomb.

This was a good day out and the weekend was due to continue with a boat trip out to Inishmurray the day after ...

Moytirra (Co. Sligo)Portal Tomb6 New Images
Moytirra East (Co. Sligo)Court Tomb5 New Images
Drumcliff (Co. Sligo)High Cross7 New Images
Drumcliff (Co. Sligo)Round Tower1 New Image
Tanrego West (Co. Sligo)Court Tomb9 New Images
Tanrego East (Co. Sligo)Ring Fort2 New Images
Tanrego East (Co. Sligo)Ring Fort1 New Image
Caltragh (Co. Sligo)Court Tomb9 New Images
Caltragh (Co. Sligo)Wedge Tomb8 New Images
Carrowkeel - Cairn G (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb12 New Images
Carrowkeel - Cairn M (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb9 New Images
Carrowkeel - Cairn H (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb2 New Images
Carrowkeel - Cairn K (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb9 New Images
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