Visits For August, 2007

Saturday, 18th August 2007

Way Out West For A Change

This wekend my wife and I went to Mayo with the tent. It was so nice to get away from driving south. I enjoyed my time in Waterford, but the roads were getting too familiar!

We stopped alng the way at Nellie's Rock (County Roscommon), better known as Lecarrow Dolmen. This has now been cleared but presents a bit of a problem: the site is signposted, but heavily fenced off from the road. There's an information sign on the road, but you can only look through chainlink fencing at it. We went into the field via a style in the wall by the parking spot, but were then shut off from the information board and saw the 'Private Keep Out' signs on the fence.

After pitching the tent at Cong we went to a few local sites, but once again I didn't get to see the bullaun stone at Cong, as the house owner had gone out for the day. I took Uta to the Cong stone circles and we managed to find the fourth circle - what a thing to have in your back garden! We also encountered a man who kept talking about floating lights and asking me if I knew "how they worked?" I pointed out that they (stone circles) don't really do anything - they're just rocks standing up in the ground. He left shortly afterwards, leaving us to look at the others.

The rest of the day was spent trying to find a cash point in the area. Not an easy job! We had to drive miles to find a broken one and then more miles to find one that worked. A couple more standing stones were all we could manage on day one before returning to Cong to eat and then back to the campsite.

Day two would take us through some beautiful countryside and to a few wonderful sites.

Nellie's Rock - Curraghalaher (Co. Roscommon)Portal Tomb8 New Images
Carrowroe (Co. Galway)Portal Tomb1 New Image
Carrowroe (Co. Galway)Wedge Tomb2 New Images
Ballymacgibbon (Co. Mayo)CairnAwaiting New Images
Cong - Glebe (Co. Mayo)Stone Circle4 New Images
Cong 2 - Glebe (Co. Mayo)Stone Circle1 New Image
Cong 3 - Glebe (Co. Mayo)Stone Circle5 New Images
Cong 4 - Glebe (Co. Mayo)Stone Circle5 New Images
Skeaghlogan (Co. Mayo)Standing Stone1 New Image
Cloonkeeghan Commons (Co. Mayo)Standing Stone2 New Images
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