Visits For October, 2004

Sunday, 17th October 2004

Delvin Around in Our Past

Today's short, but very interesting, trip took me along the Dublin/Meath border that is formed by the River Delvin. At the east where the river entres the sea the Ancients built two passage grave cemeteries: one to the north now in Meath and one to the south in County Dublin. The northern one is being destroyed by the sea and the southern one is a little safer, due to being on a rocky spur of land.

Moving further inland we come to Fourknocks (County Meath), which stands on a ridge to the north of the river. On the opposite bank there is the hill of Knockbrack. This also sports a passage tomb cemetery that overlooks the river as well as another tomb on its highest point.

This concentration of passage tombs along the river gives it an importance that may have once rivalled that of the Boyne. It may well be that this river was the local centre of the culture prior to it moving to the Boyne Valley. Whatever its never-to-be-known history is there is no doubt that this valley, which eventually leads to Tara was very important.

Balrothery (Co. Dublin)Standing Stone3 New Images
Bremore (Co. Dublin)Passage Tomb9 New Images
Knocknagin (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Knocknagin (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb2 New Images
Tobersool (Co. Dublin)Holy Well3 New Images
Tobertown (Co. Dublin)Holy Well3 New Images
Knockbrack (Co. Dublin)Artificial Mound7 New Images
Hollywood Great (Co. Dublin)Artificial Mound3 New Images
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