Visits For September, 2004

Thursday, 16th September 2004

A Windy Glenasmole

I am trying to make sense of the monuments in Glenasmole (The Valley of the Thrushes) at the moment, so to help me I took a trip up there today and nearly got blown off the top of Glassamucky Mountain in the process.

With the weather so poor I only saw a little bit, but did go to St. Anne's Church and Well. I am curious about this site, because with the history and names of the other monuments in the valley I am curious about 'St. Anne'. Is this a perversion of Ainne or Anu, the fertility goddess of the Tuatha Danaan? I think it is and this means that the mound upon which the church is built and the holy well are pre-Christian sites of worship that have been assimulated.

I'll be back there soon to find a few of the other monuments in the valley that seem to have gone astray from common knowledge in an attempt to rebuild the jigsaw.

Glassamucky Mountain (Co. Dublin)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
St. Anne's (Co. Dublin)Church6 New Images
St. Anne's Well (Co. Dublin)Holy Well4 New Images
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