Visits For April, 2007

Sunday, 15th April 2007

Whiskers On Kittens ...

Today was very much about my favourite things - bullaun stones and portal tombs. The quantity of bullauns still to be seen is huge and I'm looking forward to seeing many more this year. Hopefully, I can get to see all the really good multiple bullaun stones by the end of the year.

Portal tombs. It never ceases to amaze me how many more there are out there that still have their capstone in place and don't feature on the internet megalithic radar. I was very surprised to come across two today that are in amazing condition, even if a little neglected and over grown.

I think today's journay has taken me to my 150th portal tomb and added the 100th bullaun stone to Last week I added the 1750th site and this week will see the 7000th photgraph added.

There are some big figures there that I'm very proud of. I wonder if I can get to my 2000th site before 2008 starts. It's probably not something I should try for if I'm going to get two or three more books written and in the shops this year ... but I'll probably try anyway.

Meelaghans (Co. Offaly)Bullaun Stone5 New Images
Meelaghans II (Co. Offaly)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
Cartronbane (Co. Longford)Stone Circle7 New Images
Carrickacroy (Co. Cavan)Portal Tomb4 New Images
Aghawee (Co. Cavan)Portal Tomb5 New Images
Middletown (Co. Cavan)Portal Tomb5 New Images
St. Patrick's Well - Farmullagh (Co. Longford)Holy Well1 New Image
Cloone (Co. Leitrim)Monastic Settlement6 New Images
Cloone (Co. Leitrim)High Cross2 New Images
Annaghmore (Co. Leitrim)Portal Tomb4 New Images
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