Visits For February, 2004

Sunday, 15th February 2004

A Very Holey Day Indeed

Bullaun stones, holy wells, holes between legs - all sorts of holes everywhere today.

The Glen of Aherlow is a magical area of the country and I will certainly be back here again. The Galty Mountains to the south and the serenity of the whole area make this a great place to spend a day. This was not to be a very megalithic day, with the vast majority of the places visited being Early Christian, but two Sheelas and some great big bullauns made up for that.

Fethard Abbey (Co. Tipperary)Sheela-na-Gig1 New Image
Fethard Wall (Co. Tipperary)Sheela-na-Gig2 New Images
St. Patrick's Stone - Grange More (Co. Tipperary)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
Toureen Peacaun (Co. Tipperary)Church4 New Images
Toureen Peakaun (Co. Tipperary)Holy Well2 New Images
Beakan's Cell - Toureen Peacaun (Co. Tipperary)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
St. Berrihert's Kyle - Kilberrihert (Co. Tipperary)High Cross4 New Images
Kilberrihert (Co. Tipperary)Holy Well3 New Images
Gortahover (Co. Tipperary)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
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