Visits For November, 2004

Sunday, 14th November 2004

Map Confusion All Around

The first site I went to today appears on the OS map as 'Standing Stones', but is in fact a passage tomb and a standing stone (of sorts). Later I went to a site labelled 'Stone Circle' & 'Chambered Grave' - the map should say 'Stone Circles & Alignments', 'Standing Stone' where it says Chambered Grave and should have Chambered Grave elsewhere on the hillside. This site seems to be a very important place in terms of being chock-full of monuments, with a Beaghmore-like complex poking out of the peat at its heart.

After that I decided to head for home as it started to rain and, already having a cold, I didn't want to make that worse before starting my new job tomorrow. However, I decided to head for one last monument before heading south again and I am so glad I did. I found one of the most incredible court tombs I've ever been to, but more on this later.

Much closer to home I made a quick detour when I saw a sign to a place I'd read about quite a while ago, but never really knew where it was.

Sess Kilgreen (Co. Tyrone)Passage Tomb7 New Images
Sess Kilgreen (Co. Tyrone)Standing Stone3 New Images
Ballyrenan (Co. Tyrone)Portal Tomb16 New Images
Glasmullagh (Co. Tyrone)Stone Circle3 New Images
Glasmullagh (Co. Tyrone)Standing Stone3 New Images
Glasmullagh (Co. Tyrone)Wedge Tomb5 New Images
Legland (Co. Tyrone)Court Tomb13 New Images
The Jumping Church - Kilmedock (Co. Louth)Church5 New Images
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