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Sunday, 13th April 2008

Nearly Done in Antrim

Today I was back in Antrim again. I didn't see a large amount of sites, which disappointed me a little bit at first, but then I realised this is because there isn't a lot left for me to see for the book. I think one more weekend will finish the field trips. Now it's just down to finishing writing it all up. The plan is to get the manuscript to the publishers early in May. However, there's a lot of excavation reports and ancillary texts to trawl through to make sure I haven't missed anything. I don't think I have so far.

The sites today were mainly standing stones in the western half of the county. There are some lovely ones out there, but many of the stones on my list have disappeared. The most exciting thing I saw was a tomb that appears nowhere on the internet, yet. It's not on the OS maps, but it's easy to find (once you know where it is!)

The weather today was great. I'm happy that I didn't take any notice of the weather forecast. I was in t-shirt and sunglasses all day long!

I am currently waiting for the cover art work to come back from design. There'll be no major surprises, because we will be sticking to the same simple format, but I don't know what colours they will use. The slight delay in me finishing the text means that it is unlikely that we will get an early summer publication, but hopefully we will manage it before the summer has ended.

Lisboy (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone5 New Images
Ballylig (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone3 New Images
Scotchomerbane (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone4 New Images
Cargan (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone1 New Image
Goakstown (Co. Antrim)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Goakstown (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone2 New Images
Ballyalbaanagh (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb7 New Images
Ballyalbaanagh (Co. Antrim)Rath2 New Images
Ballygowan (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone4 New Images
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