Visits For December, 2005

Sunday, 11th December 2005

Two Circles and two new curiosities

The primary purpose of my trip today was to meet Ken Williams, photographer extraordinaire of megalithic monuments. I've admired his work for a long time and wanted to meet him (mainly to pinch some photography tips from him :-) and he wanted to know how to find Boleycarigeen stone circle.

Before we met up I stopped off at Castleruddery, which is now for sale! Wish my cheque book was that big. Anyway, I got talking to the 86 year old farmer who owns the field and he told me lots of local folklore which I'll add to the page soon. I also crossed a nearby field to check out two large stones I'd noticed whilst driving up the road. What I found was quite astonishing!

At Boleycarrigeen myself and Ken settled down to taking some photos. It was good to actually spend longer trying to take good photos. I think I need to do this a bit more often - perhaps this will rekindle my slightly flagging inspiration.

Castleruddery Lower (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle4 New Images
Castleruddery (Co. Wicklow)Stone Pair4 New Images
Boleycarrigeen (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle1 New Image
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