Visits For April, 2007

Monday, 9th April 2007

A Change of Plans and a Pine Martin

My aim today was to go to Kerry, but last night I realised what an utterly stupid idea that would be on Bank Holiday Monday! It would just be too busy, so I decided to head north to Leitrim and Fermanagh. There's a whole heap of sites around the border area and this was as good a day as any to head up there and see them.

My original route took in a whole heap of bullaun stones (no surprises there really), but the first one took so long to find and was such hard going getting to it that I decided to miss out three nearby ones and head for some other sites on the list. I'll come back to these as soon as I can. While heading northwards from the first site to the next block I came across a pine martin jiggling about at the side of the road. I stopped the car and carefully got out to try and get my camera from the back of the car. The little so-and-so sat on a branch and watched me while I did this and then scurried off just as I lifted it to my eye. Perfect comic timing from the cheeky chappie.

The weather was on and off all day: bits of sunshine punctuating greyness and drizzle. Still, I made the best of it and saw some wonderful stuff. I got to a few bullauns, some tombs, some stone circles, som rock art and a very enigmatic site.

A fair chunk of the sites were at the Mountdrum Archaeological Complex. I first heard about this quite a while ago shortly after visiting the area. Back then there were 'just' some stone circles. Now there are three tombs to go with them. I seemed to have arrived at roughly the right time, as some of the monuments had just been cleared of gorse bushes. There are good signs and information boards, but I do have a few issues with some of these and I'll address these in the site entry. This does not matter though - hats off to the people responsible for setting up this area, but please ... place some signposts that point to it!

Modorragh - Moddoragh (Co. Leitrim)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
St Brigit's Stone - Termon or Killinagh (Co. Cavan)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
Templenaffrin (Co. Fermanagh)Bullaun Stone7 New Images
Templenaffrin (Co. Fermanagh)Church5 New Images
Templerushin (Co. Fermanagh)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
St. Patrick's Well - Templerushin (Co. Fermanagh)Holy Well1 New Image
Kilrooskagh (Co. Fermanagh)Portal Tomb4 New Images
Breagho (Co. Fermanagh)Court Tomb6 New Images
Mountdrum Archaeological Complex (Co. Fermanagh)Megalithic Complex1 New Image
Mountdrum (Co. Fermanagh)Court Tomb2 New Images
Mountdrum (Co. Fermanagh)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Mountdrum (Co. Fermanagh)Stone Circle2 New Images
Mountdrum (Co. Fermanagh)Stone Circle1 New Image
Mountdrum (Co. Fermanagh)Stone Circle1 New Image
Mountdrum (Co. Fermanagh)Wedge Tomb1 New Image
The Doon Stones - Pubble (Co. Fermanagh)Rock Art4 New Images
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