Visits For July, 2009

Sunday, 5th July 2009

Four Go Mad In Limerick

For a while now a group of us have talked about meeting up and seeing some sites and having a generally geeky day at the stones. Two of us are from Dublin, while the others hail from Tipperary and deepest, darkest Cork, so we had to find a spot we could all reach 'easily'. It was decided to meet up at Grange Lios (County Limerick) a site I last visited over seven years ago!

We all arrived on time and had a chat for a while before heading off on our site-seeing trip. After stopping at the wedge tomb, we parked at the Lough Gur centre and went for a walk across Knockadoon. This hill was once an island in the centre of the lough and was ideal for settlement. Easy to defend and with the lough for rescources settling here was an obvious choice.

After this we went to the monuments known as Circle O & Circle P at Lough Gur. Wow, what a strange pair of sites. Here we had a close encounter with a big red bull and I twisted my knee. This caused me to leave early and head home, leaving the others to visit some more monuments. From their reports they had a great time while I was driving back to Dublin.

All-in-all, myself, Andy, Derek and Gordon had a great day. Derek arranged a great itinery. I'm looking forward to next year's meet up already. I wonder where it will be.

Grange Lios - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Stone Circle14 New Images
Lough Gur - Circle C - Loughgur (Co. Limerick)Stone Circle6 New Images
Loughgur - Lough Gur (Co. Limerick)Wedge Tomb8 New Images
Entrance To Tir Na Nog - Knockadoon (Co. Limerick)Cave4 New Images
Circle K - Knockadoon (Co. Limerick)Hut Circle3 New Images
The Hag's Chair - Knockadoon (Co. Limerick)Rock Outcrop2 New Images
Circles A + B - Knockaddon (Co. Limerick)Hut Circle5 New Images
Lough Gur P - Loughgur (Co. Limerick)Stone Circle9 New Images
Lough Gur O - Loughgur (Co. Limerick)Stone Circle2 New Images
Inch St. Lawrence (Co. Limerick)Bullaun Stone8 New Images
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