Visits For February, 2006

Sunday, 5th February 2006

The Shape of Things to Come

Today's trip took the form I think many of my future trips will have to take: Long circuitous routes taking in sites all along the way. This is because there are very few areas where I haven't seen a lot of stuff, so now I will have to do a site here, a site there and so on.

Today did prove that there are still good sites out there to see, though and I'm looking forward to the coming months.

I did go to Tara first thing this morning to see if I could observe the Imbolc sunrise lighting up the passage in The Mound Of The Hostages, but there was too much cloud and haze. At least this meant I could head north to see some new sites and visit a few old favoutites too.

Mount Oriel (Co. Meath)Barrow Cemetery7 New Images
Hurlstone (Co. Louth)Standing Stone6 New Images
Annaghmare (Co. Armagh)Court Tomb7 New Images
Aghmakane (Co. Armagh)Portal Tomb5 New Images
Aghmakane (Co. Armagh)Stone Fort1 New Image
Eamhain Mhaca - Navan Fort (Co. Armagh)Hill Fort11 New Images
The King's Stables - Navan Fort (Co. Armagh)Miscellaneous Site6 New Images
Vicars Carn - Vicarscarn (Co. Armagh)Cairn2 New Images
Proleek (Co. Louth)Portal Tomb2 New Images
Proleek (Co. Louth)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Rockmarshall (Co. Louth)Court Tomb5 New Images
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