Visits For January, 2006

Sunday, 1st January 2006

Happy New Year

I couldn't resist going out today, but I didn't get to everywhere I'd originally planned to visit. I wanted to climb Tonduff Mountain in the Wicklows, but the weather was just to rotten. Not to worry, I did see some new stuff to start 2006 with.

I must, once again, comment on people leaving trash ... sorry ... offerings at ancient sites. Idiots! Part of my journey took me to Athgreany stone circle where I found a load of wreaths and other nonsense left in the centre of the circle. Apart from the biodegradable rubbish there was also a metal tealight case. For some unfathomable reason there was also a sea shell. A sea shell????

Whoever you are, feel free to have your rituals, but please, please clear up after yourself and don't leave sites in a mess for others. It's very simple - take a bag with you and take your crap home.

Athgreany (Co. Wicklow)Rath3 New Images
Athgreany (Co. Wicklow)Standing Stone4 New Images
The Piper's Stones - Athgreany (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle4 New Images
Ballymaice - Knockanvinidee Hill (Co. Dublin)Passage Tomb5 New Images
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